Leverage your computer to do more for you

Great for automating digital busywork in EHR’s

You know what you want to do.  As a busy professional, your job is making decisions. SwiftWire does repetitive data entry and navigation for you.

Leading automation technology under the hood

Simple by design

Developed by practicing physicians, SwiftWire was made to help unleash your best time saving abilities. We’ve spent 6-years perfecting our software so it works just right to ease your workload. With AutoHotkey under the hood, the possibilities are endless.

A move to open-source

We decided that to make SwiftWire even better we should make it open and free. Join us on GitHub!

We are proud to release SwiftWire for public download. The app is under active development and your valuable contributions help us continue our work to make it better and better. We use a pay-what-you-want pricing model. The suggested price is $40. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve it for you!

Inspiration that keeps us motivated

After using SwiftWire for the past year I won’t work without it.  It saves me time and extra work so that I can focus my attention on patients.  I now have the patient chart finished and closed before I leave the patient’s room.

Kathy Rogers, MDPediatrician

About Fluent

We are a passionate team who believes that computers should do work for humans, and a doctor’s primary concern is caring for patients

Gabe Charbonneau, MD

Co-founder & CTO

Greg Trangmoe, MS, JD

General Counsel, Software Engineering

Josh Schroeder

Business Development

Joel Simmerman

Graphic Design, Web Development

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