This is your home for assistance with SwiftWire, so be sure to read the FAQ’s and watch the help videos for answers to common questions.

SwiftWire is a different kind of platform. It was designed from the ground up with your needs in mind. While learning to make commands may seem like a challenge at first, we will do our best to get you up and running fast. Our goal is to give you the tools you need, so that you can work in the way that you think… in a way that flows.

Most Common Questions

SWIFTWIRE requires a PC running Windows.

SwiftWire sits on top of your other applications.  You should be able to see it along the top of your screen.

Go to our Contact page on this website and fill out the form to Request a SwiftWire Cloud Account. Fluent Support will email you when your account has been created.

Yes, SwiftWire is fast and easy to setup which allows you to begin saving time almost immediately.  With just a few simple Commands you can become instantly more efficient in your charting.  You do have the option of reviewing our online video library to become more proficient with SwiftWire and even more productive in your use of EMR software.  You can also request personalized support with one of our specialists if you would prefer a customized set up, orientation and training.

You can install SwiftWire on as many computers as you like.  It is a cloud based platform so you can sign in to your account from any computer where SwiftWire is installed.

Because SwiftWire is a cloud based platform, your commands always go with you. Use SwiftWire on as many computers as you want and by simply logging in, your commands automatically download and Sync to the computer you are on.

One of the great things about SwiftWire is that it allows doctors and nurses to see how much time they are saving and which Commands they use most often.  To see your personalized analytics go to…

Yes, many doctors within the same specialty save a lot of time and reduce complexity by using or sharing the same group of Commands.  Many times they designate one Admin who creates and maintains the Commands based on the feedback of the group. 

How To Save The Most Time

We have done many time studies, and Kirk & Gabe save about 40-60 minutes per day with automation. Time savings varies by user, but we believe it’s reasonable to expect that the average physician can save at least 30 minutes. Some report saving as much as 2-hours!

SWIFTWIRE commands are faster than Dragon Advanced Scripting commands. The are also easier to organize into intuitive categories, and our scripting is simpler to learn and build.

Hotkeys are a combination of keystrokes that allow us to use shortcuts while navigating through the EMR software.  By harnessing the power of a few commonly used hotkeys with SwiftWire we can build Commands that automate time consuming processes related to documenting the patient encounter.  Below is a list of the most commonly used hotkeys and what they do.

Start by thinking about repetitive things that you do every day. For most physicians it makes sense to start with automating the process of opening a note. Automate pulling in your most frequently used template, and have the command take you directly to the place in the note where you want to start working. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s still the command that we use the most, and we’ve built 1000’s. Perfect this command over time by adding more things you discover you do with each visit (such as adding a Level of Service), and let the computer do the work for you.

Mouse Click commands are easy to build and powerful. SwiftWire includes a screen coordinates finder built in to the application. Click the ‘SWIFTWIRE’ menu on the top left of the screen, and choose ‘Find Mouse Position’. A small window will appear that shows the position of your cursor with X & Y coordinates. Write down the coordinates of where you want SwiftWire to click, and use them to make the command in Command Builder.

Kirk loves automating a combination of an established patient follow-up visit (99214) and a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit together that pulls in all of the correct documentation and charges in one click. Gabe’s current favorite is automating complete Sports Physical’s in a single click (No typing, no jumping all over the chart. Makes these visits fun, easy, and enjoyable, as they were before EMR).


Commands can stop working for a number of reasons, most of which have very simple solutions. Some Commands stop working because there has been an update to EMR software that SwiftWire automates. Below is a troubleshooting list of common issues leading to Command failure:
Wait times, Start Screen, Capital letters, EMR update, …
Contact Fluent Support directly though our Contact Form on this website and we will get you back up and running!
You are most likely experiencing a “wait-time” problem. SwiftWire is very fast, and sometimes the EMR requires a brief pause to catch up. This type of problem is most likely to happen on a command with many steps, or one that changes screens. Wait-time is added to a command by typing “Sleep, 1000” to wait for 1-second. “Sleep, 500” waits for 1/2-a-second, etc. Start by looking at the example commands that came with the app, because they demonstrate effective wait-time strategy.
We had a great tip from one of our users that should be shared here. Telling SwiftWire to “send, ^N” is actually telling it to press “Control + Shift + n”. If you want it to only press “Control + n” without the Shift, then it looks like this, “send, ^n”.
SwiftWire has full compatibility with Dragon when Dragon is run in “Tray Icon Only” mode. Compatibility is limited when Dragon is used docked to the bottom of the screen. SwiftWire is incompatible with Dragon running docked to the top of the screen.
SwiftWire is not officially supported for use on systems with multiple monitors. If you use a multiple monitor system successfully with SwiftWire please tell us more about it.

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