Level 1: Beginner

Our beginner videos are designed to introduce you to SwiftWire and how it works with your EMR. These first videos discuss the Command Builder, which is the SwiftWire interface for storing and organizing your commands, how the commands work as well as writing and editing your first “open a progress note” command.

Level 1 Criteria:  2-5 steps, does not require preference list use.

Efficiency Tips

Before starting Level 2: Intermediate Commands, we advise that you watch these three videos on the top 3 efficiency tips. Although not a requirement, understanding these efficiency methods can greatly increase the power of SwiftWire in your workflow and help you understand the complexity of Level 2 Commands.

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 2 Criteria:  2-8 steps, combines several tasks, may use a preference list entry:

Level 3: Advanced

New Videos Coming Soon…

Level 3 Criteria:  2-20 steps,  combines 2-6 steps/tasks, multiple windows, multiple steps, many ‘sleep time’ issues to deal with and may need a mouse click.  Almost all use preference list entries.