How can you reduce 20 hours worth of clicks in EPIC?… It‘s easier than you’d think!

  • Save 20 seconds on each of your progress notes
  • Multiplied by 18 patients a day, 4 days a week, for 1-year
  • It’s amazing how 20 seconds adds up!

…and, that’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible

Why are you wasting time doing repetitive work your computer could do?

Built and used every day by real practicing physicians

  • The same proven technology powering custom macros at Kaiser Permanente
  • Now available to all physicians on Epic!

Proven tech with AutoHotkey under the hood

See how SwiftWire works

Wondering why there’s not much to see? Due to legal policy, we can’t show you Epic screens in action. Don’t worry. SwiftWire is very easy to install and use. No macro experience, no problem.

Our software is always FREE for nurses, doctors, or anyone who uses it directly for patient care

The app is under active development and your valuable contributions help us continue our work to make it better and better. We use a pay-what-you-want pricing model. The suggested price is $40. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve it for you!

Note: SwiftWire is HIPAA compliant. We do not collect or share any of your data. Just the best macro software for clinicians we could build. Requires a PC running Windows.

Inspiration that keeps us motivated

After using SwiftWire for the past year I won’t work without it.  It saves me time and extra work so that I can focus my attention on patients.  I now have the patient chart finished and closed before I leave the patient’s room.

Kathy Rogers, MDPediatrician

SwiftWire reduces the number of tedious and repetitive tasks on the computer. I spend less time clicking through the EMR, so I can spend more time focusing on the needs of patients.

Hope Reddish, RNFamily Medicine

Fluent infused me with some hope in what has been a dismal six months working with the new EMR.

Steve Murray, MDCardiothoracic Surgeon

Without automation I would find the EMR more frustrating and inefficient. Others should try it if they are having difficulty keeping up with documentation after having switched to Epic.

Winston Chan, MDPediatric Surgeon

[Help from Fluent] has led to significant improvement in physician engagement and Epic optimization.

Cecilia Lauder, MDFamily Medicine, Clinical Informatics Lead

I was faster with charts the very next day and have continued to increase my speed. I learned valuable short cuts. Gabe also walked me through how he approaches a chart from start to finish – really helpful to learn his flow. I am adapting this to work with my style. I am also no longer charting while in the room – so more engaged with the patient and less with the computer. I am using Dragon much more. I was finished with all of my charting 15 minutes after my last patient left.

Dr. Elizabeth StegmaierWomen’s Care & Family Wellness Physician

About Fluent

We are a passionate team who believes that computers should do work for humans, and a doctor’s primary concern is caring for patients

Gabe Charbonneau, MD

Co-founder & CTO

Greg Trangmoe, MS, JD

General Counsel, Software Engineering

Josh Schroeder, MBA

Business Development

Joel Simmerman

Graphic Design, Web Development

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