Logic for automating orders in Epic 2017

With each major Epic release comes certain tweaks to my time saving tools.  Here is a template for ordering labs rapidly on the Order Entry screen that works well for me.  When tools don’t work, it’s usually wait time that needs to be played with.  I hate when my tools break, but once I have them up and running again I can’t imagine living without them.

Winactivate, Hyperspace 

Send, ^o ;start new order
Sleep, 200

;Order labs in reverse order of how you want them to display:  CBC, CMP, TSH-R, Lipid -> Lipid, TSH-R, CMP, CBC

Send, lab2478{enter} ;lipid
Sleep, 1200
Send, {Enter}
sleep, 700

Send, lab13042{enter} ;tsh-r
Sleep, 700
Send, {Enter}
Sleep, 700

Send, lab17{enter} ;cmp
Sleep, 700
Send, {Enter}
Sleep, 700

Send, lab293{enter} ;cbc
Sleep, 700
Send, {Enter}
Sleep, 700

Take the Low Hanging Fruit

We live in a complex world. I think sometimes that drives us to look for complex solutions to our problems. Here’s a simple solution, and a very practical example as it relates to using an EHR.

If you use Epic, you know how much time it takes to clear out your InBasket. I want to share one simple hack to give you forward momentum when your InBasket is looking dreadful.

Use an automation tool to co-sign.

Items in the co-sign folder are all things you plan to sign anyway, so why do this manually? I use our app, SwiftWire, to make it easy. Intimidated by the idea of writing code?  Don’t be.  We hold your hand and make it super simple.

This is what the tool looks like:

/* Sample Script to "Co-Sign All" in Epic InBasket */

; Click the mouse at x=205 y=222
click 205, 222

; Wait 0.2 seconds (200 milliseconds)
sleep, 200

; Press the Control+a keys together
send, ^a

; Press the Alt+n keys together
send, !n

; Press the Enter key
send, {enter}

Next time you have 20 items in your Co-Sign folder use a tool like this, and I’ll bet it will make you smile just a little.

The concept I want to drive home is that focusing on solving easy problems first is a great way to approach EHR efficiency. We often get bogged down in the complex problems that will take way more effort to improve. Look for repetitive simple tasks and ask yourself, “is there a way to make this faster or easier?”. Many times there is.