Command Builder UX update

With the refresh of Fluent as a company, it was also time to reimagine our software.  Take a fresh look at everything.  Feedback from users was consistently telling us that Command Builder was too intimidating.  It was a powerful interface, but I a have to admit, it was starting to look a little cluttered.  And, we hadn’t put much thought into the core structure or labels since the very first version in 2014.

Command Builder from SwiftWire version

Here is a preview of the redesign of Command Builder.  Every change is centered around making it easier to use, easier to understand, and more visually appealing.  I believe we have made some significant positive changes, while still keeping the important features at your fingertips.  In addition to a redesign, the way it appears on the screen is new as well.  Command Builder now attaches directly below the SwiftWire toolbar.  It has a much more integrated feeling.  In the past sometimes customers would get confused about how Command Builder was related to SwiftWire.  We hope this change will fix that problem.  Feedback from early users suggests that we are headed in the right direction.

Command Builder from SwiftWire Beta:

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