The Power of EMR Automation Analytics

Early on in our conversations with Upstream Ventures, Frank was excited about us logging data from SwiftWire. Kirk & I resisted for multiple reasons. It seemed like a distraction from the purity of automation, which we love. It seemed like a vulnerability to have data that could possibly be used in a way that made us uneasy in our guts. And most importantly, we just didn’t appreciate the value it could add to what we were doing. Why divert resources to a side project when we already had a fantastic automation app in our hands that could save physicians and other medical professionals oodles of time?

Fast forward to today. I was a skeptic, I admit it. Now I’m a convert. I’ve been logging my data for the last month, and using charting software to view it. It’s amazing how we can trick ourselves into thinking we understand exactly what we are doing until we have hard data staring us in the face. Before logging, we were always making rough ballpark guesses about how much time could be saved with EMR automation. And, it turns out our guesses were not all that accurate. With SwiftWire Analytics, I can now say with certainty that I save 35–45 minutes per clinic day consistently through use of SwiftWire commands. Kirk just reported to me that he is doing just about the same. Well, actually he reported that he saves exactly 42 minutes per day average. He also took it a step further and projected that this allows him to generate between “$29,340 — $58,680 per year in increased revenue” by using SwiftWire.

Analytics allows for another benefit to us as physicians. We get an honest look at how we are working. I am in clinic 3 days per week, and saw 96 Level IV Established visit patients. The automation tool I use to pull in my progress note template and automate billing for these visits is by far my most used and most valuable command. I intuitively knew I liked it, but I didn’t realize how much more I was using it than my other tools. I was surprised to find that my command used for routing Telephone Encounters to our nursing pool was another big time saver. And, I just love my “Co-Sign All” command. I feel like I’m winning in the game of EMR every time I use that one.

One month in, and I have to thank our mentor Frank for his insight. He definitely knew what he was talking about. This is a powerful tool that I hope many more docs like me can have access to soon. As to my fears, so far they have all turned out to be irrational.

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